Some FREE Tools for the Action Request System (ARS)
Name Description Last Update

This Tool shows all Wokflow Objects (Active Links, Filters and Escalations) that uses a certain field.
You can also check if the field is used in Tables (as a Column or in the Qualification) or Menus.

ARAllFields This Tool simply shows some Informations about all Fields in a selected Form.
The List can be exported to a Tab-separated Textfile for use in other Applications (e.g. Excel)
ARExplorer Not really a replacement for the Application-Explorer from Remedy, but it shows graphically the workflow behind selected Actions. 04/14/2004
ARExporter The purpose of this Console-Tool is to export Data from the ARS in a flexible manner.
You specify a Config-File and ARExporter will export data in nearly every Format you can imagine.
(Because you have full control)
ARExporter is also able to export directly into Excel (if it is installed on the hosting machine)

Like ARImport from Remedy but somewhat enhanced....
Change Data based on Input Data, check for duplicates during import, import only data that met a certain criteria....

ARPermission This is for Mass-Setting Permissions.
Select a Group and you can set Permissions for Multiple Forms.
You can also specify, if Permissions should be set for Fields and Active Links too.
ARS2ASP This Tool takes Remedy-Forms and translates them (including related workflow) into .aspx and .aspx.cs Files.
You can take the Files and put them into a C# WebApplication in VisualStudio. It SHOULD compile....
Warning : This Tool is under heavy Development (if i have the time to do so..) Tested with VisualStudio 2003 and IE6
ARSDoc You're right, another Documenter for the ARsystem with a small GUI.
Select some Forms and ARSDoc will generated some interlinked HTML-Pages.
ARUser This is NOT a new User Tool (ok, originally i planned to write one ;-) but its very useful to set the Tab-Order for the Fields in a Form. 01/26/2004

Sometimes there was a Tool named EZWord (or something similar) that can be called from Remedy Applications to generate Word-Documents including Data out of the ARSystem.
I was not able to find this tool anymore so i had to write my own....
Template driven, tested with Windows Server 2003 / Office XP and Windows 2000 / Office 2000

ARReport This is an ASP.NET application that can be called to create Template-based Reports in HTML-Format.
Nearly the same as WordConnector with a partially modified engine.
Requires IIS and .NET Framework 1.1

New V2 - beta with chart-creating functions is available ! Check it out !


Other Tools
WindowSizer Useful if you have to build User-Interfaces (including Remedy-Forms) for a certain Screen-Resolution but working at a higher one.
Simply select a Window, type in the desired Size and voila !

Note :
All Tools on this Site were compiled using VisualStudio.NET 2003. You probably need to install the .NET Framework or the latest Windows - DLLs like mfc71.dll
You can download the .NET Framework from the Microsoft Website.
The *71.dll's can be downloaded here, put them somewhere in your path (typically c:\Winnt\System32)

Last Update : 08/25/2004 10:18 Updated : ARReport V2 beta

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If you have Ideas for new Tools, found Bugs or Problems in existing ones, don't hesitate to contact me !

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