Please read the Help-File for further Details.
02/23/2004 The core Remedy-Class was replaced by a newer one to fix handling of Diary-Fields, now using the same class as ARS2ASP
(with slight modifications)
03/30/2004 When performing and Import with DoubleData-Check, only the first found Entry was updated, now all Entries will be updated
Help is now included in Zip-File.
04/30/2004 If column-headers in a file had leading or trailing spaces, the field was not found during import; instead the column header itself was imported. This is now fixed. Also some other error-checks were implemented.
06/02/2004 It seems the new version (dated 04/30/2004) didn't make it to the Web-Server, sorry for that !
The actual version is now the correct one.
08/24/2004 Minor adjustments, fixes