Installation :
Unzip into a temporary folder and run Setup.exe.

Read the documentation inside the Zip-File for deatailed information.

This Tool is currently in beta-stadium and needs further testing. Please report any problems/bugs you might encounter !

Beta-Testers wanted !

A new version of ARReport is available here.
Changes to the old version are :
- The TextProcessor is ported from C++ to C#
- New functions to generated Chart-Graphics (PIE, BAR, LINE) were added.

Please report all problems you encounter with the new version !

03/09/2004 - Performance-Tuning of the internal Remedy-Class
- Fixed a possible problem regarding Join-Forms
- Added a Config-File to set Preferences about Diary-Fields and DateTime - Formats
- Added a Console Version of ARReport
03/12/2004 - Wrote a new StringClass because i found that the internal C# strings are too slow and produces heavy CPU-load when
extensively using Search- and Replace-functions.
- added the Documentation again (which i forgot at the last release)
04/06/2004 - Added functionality to use DirectSQL-Commands for both Versions (Web and Console)
- Updated Documentation
06/02/2004 Overall stability for the ASP-Version should be improved
(I encountered some issues where sometimes an internal class fails to create, sometimes an error inside the malloc() function occured...)
If you get errors in the ASP-Version you need to terminate the process aspnet_wp.exe on your webserver.