Start ARS2ASP and log in to a Remedy Server.

Select the Forms you want to convert or select a single Start-Form in your Application from where your Users reach all other Forms.
Press the Button labeled "Options".

Here you specify some attributes for the generated Files.
To the left you can specify colors of some HTML-Elements, like Tables, Table Rows, Page Background and Panes (Tab-Pages)
In the field "Namespace" specify any name that describes your Application.
(dont't use Spaces or Special Characters in the name, the Compiler don't likes that !)
The checkbox labeled "Export other used forms" is useful, when you have a single Start-Form for your Application.
ARS2ASP then parses the Workflow for Forms, that were referenced from your Start-Form (by OpenWindow-Actions)
and will export these Forms also.
When you've set your Attributes, press the "Export" - Button in the Main Window to start the Export-process.
NOTE : I haven't actually implemented the selection of the Output-Folder for the Files,
you have to manually generate a Folder named "ars2mfc" on your C: - Drive ( -> C:\ars2mfc).
Depending on the Speed of your Server and Network, the Export-Process can take a while to complete.
ARS2ASP looks for FixedView WebViews for your Forms, if you have multiple Fixed WebViews, you are prompted to select one.
(So you should generate WebViews for your Forms, before letting ARS2ASP export them...)

When the Export-process is done, you'd probably see a small Window with Warning-Messages.

The Messages "...Field xxx not found" results from an Action in the mentioned ActiveLink, that does a "ChangeField" on this Field and the Field was later removed from the View. So the ActiveLink references a not existing Field, which is not a big Problem for the ActiveLink, but you can't compile the Code for the Form because the Compiler won't allow that.
The best way is to fix the ActiveLink and export again, but you can also change the Code by Hand.

OK, the Files are generated, now start VisualStudio and create a new Project.
In the New Project Dialog, select Visual C# Projects and as Template select ASP.NET Web Application.

Type a name for your Application in the Location-Field. (In this case I used "test")

In the Solution Explorer, right-click on the File named "WebForm1" and delete it.

Open Windows Explorer and browse to the Folder C:\ars2mfc, where your Files were generated.
Bring the Window in front of you VisualStudio Workspace and drag all Files from the Folder (except the File ARSWrapper.dll) on your Solution.
(The Name of the Solution must be highlighted)

Copy the File "ARSWrapper.dll" in your "ApplicationFolder\bin" - Folder.
Right click on the File "Login.aspx" and select "Set as Start Page".
Right click again on Login.aspx and select "View Code".
Scroll to the end of the File and change the strings "YourServer" (2 times) and "YourForm" (1 time) to met your Server-Name and Start-Page.
(In the Function "BtLogin_Click")
In Solution Explorer, right click on "References" and select "Add Reference".
In the following Dialog press "Browse" and browse to the File "ARSWrapper.dll" in your \bin - Folder.

Try to compile your Application.
You will get a bunch of Warnings (ignore them) and probably Errors (bad !).
Some Errors might occur because you use Features in your Application, that ARS2ASP currently doesn't support, or you have already Errors in your original Remedy-Application (for example using non-existing Fields in ActiveLinks)

Some things (beside others) that ARS2ASP currently doesn't handle :
- the Field StatusHistory ( I personally don't use this Field in any Application)
- A SetField-Action to/from Attachment Fields or adding Attachments
- "Display a List" in SetField Actions (uses always the first Entry, I'm currently working on this)
- Not all Keywords and Functions
- Permissions to fields and ActiveLinks (I'm alwys exporting using my Administrator-Account, so all Fields and ActiveLinks were exported)

Things, that ARS2ASP currently handle (to mention some) :
- the following Keywords : $SCHEMA$, $OPERATION$, $USER$, $LASTID$, $TIMESTAMP$, $DATE$, $TIME$, $CLIENT-TYPE$ (always 9 like MidTier), $GUIDE$ and $NULL$
- the following Functions : LEFT(), RIGHT(), UPPER(), LOWER(), LENGTH(), COLCOUNT(), REPLACE(), SUBSTR(), STRSTR(), RTRIM(), LTRIM(), LPAD(), RPAD(), DAY(), MONTH(), YEAR(), HOUR(), MINUTE(), SECOND()
- RunProcess - Actions with PERFORM-ACTION-ACTIVE-LINK
- Menus (Character, Search and SQL)
- OpenWindowActions
- ActiveLink - Guides